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Madro Digital is a full-suite digital branding agency specialized in creating a unique identity for your brand to storm the market. At the heart of developing a winning branding strategy, we push your brand on the right marketing channels to reach your customers with a well thought out digital techniques. Our seasoned branding specialist will ensure your brand get noticed, touch lives and journeys with people for a long time.

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    There is plenty of competition out there in today’s world and customers do have a handful of options to validate and engage with a business. How does a business stand out from the crowd and make its own way? This is where branding is needed, it is a process of creating a unique brand identity for your brand with the right strategies to establish a worthwhile connection with your target audience.

    The main idea is to clearly emote about the business, product or service that are you are ready to cater to and the brand voice selected to connect with your target audience. Branding is just not about having a brand logo with a business card and letterhead, there is more to it, the process is about defining how do you want your audience to react to your business and core values.

    Branding helps project a positive image for your brand that connects customers to your business. First and foremost unique visual identity or a story for your business is very vital and that will explain who you are, what is your company’s objective, how different are you from your competitors and your target customers.

    Branding is an ongoing effort to set your messages clear, elevate a positive brand image and position the brand amidst its target audience that gives a better recall to the brand. A good branding strategy will lead to the creation of a successful brand and it helps create positive awareness, boost visibility, brand reputation and loyalty.

    Full mix brand strategy

    Our branding services provide a whole new holistic approach towards creating brands that can touch lives and journeys with people for a long time, we help your business in all aspects of branding be it starting from creating a unique visual identity to evaluating the right marketing fit for the brand. Here are a few key important branding strategies we follow

    • Brand discovery – Getting to know more about your business and process is more vital to brand building. Based on extensive research we better understand your business, goals, your market and your target audience.
    • Brand voice – This involves creating content that connects your brand’s story with a unique voice and tone set to address your target audience.
    • Brand messaging – A appropriate messaging style is a must-have for your brand to clearly communicate with your customers that leads to increase brand reputation and more importantly we make it more consistent.
    • Brand positioning – This is about pushing your brand through the right marketing collaterals. Creating a match between customers’ expectations with what the brand can offer.
    • Brand identity – Creating logos that define company core business values, depicts the type of business

    We collaborate with all the above-mentioned strategies in the right balance according to your business requirement. We are an expert branding agency with years of experience built over the years and with a handful of brand specialists with us, we think and set up strategies with a unique approach in creating brands that resonate with your target audience.

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    FAQ’s about Branding

    Branding is the process of developing a unique image or identity to clearly tell a story about who you are, what is your company’s tone, how different are you from your competitors and what is that you are going to sell. A good branding strategy will lead to a creation of a successful brand.

    A brand with a strong identity has a better connection with its customers, more importantly, a good brand image can get you potential customers and eventually turn them as your loyal customers. This is absolutely possible if you have a decent brand with the right values.

    To build a good brand it will probably take years because it literally needs that time for the brand to be accepted by its customers. This happens when the customers engage with the brand, try its product or service and finally become loyal to the brand once they are satisfied. Eventually the brand is built through this process.

    That’s a tough question, there are a lot of companies who spent millions to create a brand image, attract customers and grab a decent market share which may or may not be profitable. However, on the other hand, there are big brands that have started their journey with minimal marketing budgets and later scale up as their revenue grows. One thing for sure is you cannot expect wonders to happen overnight by just throwing money at it. It needs time, patience and consistency.

    Yes, you definitely need one, A logo is a very essential one to build your brand. It creates a unique identity for your brand.

    A logo is the visual representation of your business which will be used in all marketing communications to describe who you are and what you do. A logo is not just picking a font with some attractive colours, it is always better to approach a designer to create your logo.

    Yes of course. First thing first we would dive deep into your business, your vision, uniqueness of your brand, about your products or services and the way it works. Then we create a story and based on which we further develop that into a logo.

    Yes, we would really appreciate it if you can contact us or leave a message with your details to know more about the branding package.

    First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing us. Kindly contact us today to get a quote or leave a message with your details we will call you in some time.

    Yes, we do, our design experts will first send you a questionnaire to understand your company better and based on the analysis a few sets of rough sketches will be created which will be later used for designing the final logo.

    Got more questions on your mind?

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