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Madro Digital is a leading full-service Social media marketing agency well renowned for its tailored marketing strategies specifically designed to adapt all scale of businesses. Our specialists with extensive experience are in full capacity to implement powerful campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube that triggers faster business growth with a perfect ROI.

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    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many other networks have simply become a part of daily life for millions. Almost all of the world’s adult population uses social media to express themselves and statistics say around 75 percent of them use social media when making a purchase decision. It becomes important for you as a business to tap this critical piece of information and generate profit by investing in professional social media services.

    Effective social media marketing is not just about posting and boosting the post. Agree that social media can be a powerful tool for driving sales, oftentimes businesses require expert support to leverage paid social media campaigns in a way that gets results. Identifying your right target audience and optimizing your Ads to get maximum revenue on every rupee spent requires expertise and we know how to creatively design and implement effective social media marketing campaigns for businesses.

    Facebook Marketing

    With its far-reaching scope, Facebook has become one of a valuable tool for businesses to significantly improve visibility, drive sales, and grow their business online. A well crafted Facebook marketing campaign with the right combination of target audience, content and design will easily double your ROI for every rupee spent. You can also increase your brand’s presence globally by targeting the right audience with engaging posts, which in turn will increase your follower count. With our professional Facebook marketing services and highly-experience team, we will define the right to put you in the high-growth zone.

    As one of the leading social media marketing agency in india, we have delivered ROI driven – branding, marketing & lead generation campaigns which have resulted in 10x of value in just a few months time

    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram has become one of the most appealing social media platforms for businesses to make connections with their target audience, market products and services as well as build brand awareness and customer loyalty. It’s not just because of the platform’s user base, it’s also because of its intuitive user experience. Out of every 100 Instagram accounts, 80 follow at least 3 businesses, making over 400 million visits to business profiles every day.

    Due to its visual appeal and popularity, it’s a massive opportunity for your business to tap this gold mine and make connections with potential customers. However, to tap this resource, you need quality Instagram content and target the right audience. Madro Digital expert social media strategist can help your brand to reach millions of potential customers who are ready to buy your products and services. Our sophisticated Instagram marketing services will help in your business profile optimization, follower tactics, keyword research, post schedule, story integration and promotion.

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    Youtube Marketing

    It’s no surprise, YouTube is the largest digital platform for video ads because of its huge user base and popularity, receiving billions of views every year. An estimate of 300 hours of Youtube videos is being uploaded every day, reaching hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube views.

    To tap this ever-growing resource to nurture your brand presence and bring potential customers to your business, Our Youtube marketing services can help you manage your YouTube ad campaigns by identifying the target audience for your business, defining the right marketing budget, choosing the ideal ad format and get more out of every rupee spent on youtube marketing. Our carefully crafted ad campaign, be it a video ad or youtube banner ad, we make sure your business grows exponentially, both in terms of revenue and customer retention.

    Linkedin Marketing

    Home to 600+ million professionals, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks, connecting businesses and decision makers across the globe. A sizable chunk of these connections can make purchasing decisions for your products and services, generating revenue for your business. Our professional LinkedIn content marketing strategist will help you to target these potential businesses with a perfectly crafted LinkedIn marketing plan, to help generate leads and nurture them deeper into the sales funnel – from connection to contract.

    Excelling as a B2B networking tool, you can create awareness about your business to high-quality prospects and increase your leads by 200% through our professional LinkedIn Marketing services. Let us help you in developing the right strategy to find and connect with these prospects in a more natural way and harness LinkedIn’s full potential helping you in the growth of your business.

    Social media management

    A well-maintained social media profile is an integral aspect of marketing strategy for any business. Your customers are already on social media and you should establish your presence giving your business a massive opportunity to connect with the potential audiences and engage them in a timely manner. A successfully managed social profile will build brand loyalty and drive quality leads to your business. However, establishing a social presence requires expertise and can be time consuming.

    Social media management is beyond just posting regular updates to your company’s social media profile. We manage the entire cycle right from content creation, scheduled publishing, promoting, and engaging with your audience to increase your brand’s social presence and visibility. Our curated social media management services will put your company at the forefront, all along saving your time and increase your business’s ROI.

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    FAQ’s about Social Media Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that is done using the internet and devices connected to the internet such as computers, Mobile, Tv and Tablets. This marketing includes Social media, email marketing, SEO, website, SMS marketing and websites.

    Social Media is a powerful medium that is used for content sharing. With social media, the information can be shared quickly and efficiently. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular social media channels.

    Did you know? 30% of all time spent online is on social media! Social media plays an important role in getting the right message in front of your customers in a very personalized manner. If you want to build brand awareness, acquire new customers or increase reputation then social media is a must.

    Yes, it can! Social media is the key to create brand awareness as you can reach a large number of people through it and you can also be specific about whom to target and when to target.

    Social media marketing is very cost-effective compared to all traditional marketing models and you can specifically target your customers based on Age, Location, Gender, Interest and Income-based. It gives a very personalized feel to your customers.

    There is no such benchmark budget for spending on social media because any budget works, however, to start with, it would be wise to have a considerable amount based on your business objectives.

    Definitely not, It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Generally, Social media is a cost-effective medium than traditional marketing. It is advisable to clearly study your business, identify your objective before you think about the marketing spent.

    Yes, it is always better to have a separate social media advertising budget because we can better track, measure results and calculate ROI of marketing campaigns.

    It should not take more than a week or so, however social media marketing is not a one-time activity and it is an ongoing process where optimization plays an important role. The campaigns can be staggered for a period of time as long as we have something to market.

    We do not have a fixed fee for this service and before we could talk about getting a quote. We will study your business and requirements better based on which we prepare a quote. Kindly contact us today to get a free consultation and quote.

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