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Madro Digital is one of the leading eCommerce SEO agencies in India, well renowned for its eCommerce SEO strategy and implementation approach beyond technical boundries. Our eCommerce SEO services help your online store rank as highly as possible offering the highest visibility for your products where your potential customers look for you on search engines. With our proven techniques we generate high-intent search traffic for your website and turn every single click on your products to maximize your online revenue.



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    eCommerce SEO

    eCommerce SEO is all about building organic search traffic to your eCommerce site. As per a study, eCommerce websites across different verticals indicate the same volume of organic search traffic which is about 40%. In addition to this, 44% of customers start their online shopping through Google search and a majority of eCommerce orders are connected to organic traffic.

    Social media ads and PPC ads are a great option for eCommerce, but it involves constant infusion of capital on a timely basis, you have to keep spending on paid ads as long as you want traction on your website. On the other hand eCommerce SEO involves quite a work to be done ahead of time, once the website ranks at a decent position results are inevitable be it organic search traffic or conversions at no additional expense.

    Get ahead of the web

    eCommerce SEO is a series of interlinked activities to be carried on the website to gain visibility and stay on top of relevant search results. The perfect eCommerce strategy is a mix and match of techniques that deliver results. The strategies are

    • Keyword research – This is the base of every eCommerce campaign. This technique identifies the keywords used by customers to search for your business or product.
    • Technical SEO – This involves fixing Home page links, internal links, creating a neatly defined product page with adequate information highlighted and cleaning up unwanted URL.
    • On-page optimization – Implementation of keywords on Product meta tags and title.
    • Site architecture – It is about organizing the entire website and defining a smooth flow for end users.
    • Mobile optimization – This involves making the website responsive and mobile-friendly, this leads to gain ranking as per Google algorithm.
    • Content marketing – Rich keywords based content helps attract organic visitors. But not at the cost of overstuffing keywords.
    • Site page speed – Optimizing page size for reduced page load time which as per standards should be less than 3 seconds.
    • HTTPS version – It is a more secure/ encrypted version of a website address, this gives users confidence and trust while making a transaction. A website with https rank better as per Google ranking algorithm.

    Top the high volume searches

    SEO focuses on getting better ranking for competitive high volume searches whereas eCommerce SEO needs a holistic approach towards the optimization process as this involves a series of techniques interlinked to focus on. The optimization includes right from having accurate product listing information, keyword research, content that resonates with your audience, creating an easy user flow, additional focus is given on products and categories that attract organic visitors resulting in a maximum purchase.

    Our time tested eCommerce SEO services are adept at crafting a customized strategy that brings in high-intent search traffic for your website and has personalized user flows facilitating a sophisticated shopping experience. We blend this all to get your business upfront ahead of your competitors.

    Boost your eCommerce Store Visibility to Drive 3X More Conversion

    With Power Packed SEO Techniques

    FAQ’s about eCommerce SEO

    Ecommerce SEO is a technique that involves a set of interlinked activities to be carried on the website to get better visibility and stay on top of relevant search results. To keep it simple it is about bringing your eCommerce website to the front.

    No, they are different in their own way. SEO focuses on getting better ranking for competitive high volume searches terms whereas eCommerce SEO focuses on a specific segment like individual category and product pages.

    eCommerce websites with https get more importance over non-https sites from Google and it helps achieve a slight push in the overall ranking.

    eCommerce SEO helps you get better ranking for each and every individual product as well as category pages where the competition is much lesser.

    Like other SEO activities, eCommerce SEO is also dependent on keywords but here the research and implementation of keywords go on from the product/ category page level and it involves optimizing and categorizing pages.

    eCommerce SEO is a time-consuming process and it is not something that can happen overnight. Mostly it takes 4 – 6 months for getting increased organic website traffic and in 6 months’ time you should be on track with a positive outcome, the results get better as the months’ increase.

    eCommerce SEO provisioning is a one time fix while building the website, but generally, eCommerce SEO is an ongoing process that needs constant optimization and for better results, it is always advisable to keep working on it.

    We price based on your requirements, but before we go to the pricing part we will do a complete analysis of your business to understand things better. Our charges vary and it totally depends on the number of keywords we are going to set up.

    Have a question about eCommerce SEO? We can Help!

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