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We have successfully designed & developed over 300+ websites for clients both small & large, working locally, nationally & internationally. At Madro Digital, we create user-friendly & result-driven websites and strongly believe that in today’s world a lot can be determined about a company just by looking at its website.

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    Our Web Design & Development Expertise

    A good website can potentially increase or even double your business. Our entire design process is data driven, the web design & development team at Madro Digital aligns closely with your business and marketing goals to make your website achieve results based on these key metrics. And also we ensure the websites are adaptable with the constant evolution of technologies and device compatibilities, which is a key factor for overall performance.

    web design company in chennai

    Cherry pick your choice of designs for your website

    Growth of any business is measured in terms of its users and revenue it generates. Any successful strategy for any business should seek to acquire ever increasing customers. In the digital realm, the target audience eventually lands on your website to know more about you and your business, making your website the first point of entry into your business. In today world, your website is the face of the company, a website should be properly designed and developed to cater to your users requirements and satisfaction. This is where web designing comes into the picture.

    As one of the top most web design company in chennai, we deeply understand your requirements and develop your website like an invaluable art making your potential users glued to your website. Our web design & UX services carefully deal with the visual elements and technical execution of the website based on your requirement in the most professional way. Not just UI / UX design and functionality, we frame the design strategy to be user-centric and SEO friendly, delivering an awesome experience to the website users.

    With our vast experience in this industry, we analyze and craft every nook and corner of your website right from the website flow, colours, contact forms, icons, wireframes, mobile-friendly etc…

    Website design for businesses

    Running a business, be it an enterprise or an SMB, it requires serious effort to survive and win in this highly competitive world. And for any business, a professionally designed corporate website is a must to compete in the market. To market and target potential customers for your business, the landing page, which is your company’s website should be as demanding as possible to attract and retain your target audience.

    Our web design & development services focus on delivering a high-end, user-centric website’s complete with all the required SEO standards and practices. Whether you require a simple static site or a relatively complex dynamic website developed by a CMS like WordPress, we deliver the best services for your business.

    We take pride in high standards of professionalism and our continuous endeavour to keep us updated on all the latest technology trends is the reason that we are the best website designing company in chennai..

    eCommerce website design & development

    Today eCommerce is the most valuable platform to serve your customers with your unique products or services without any global boundaries. The dream of every eCommerce business is to take it to new heights of success. Every eCommerce business requires a devoted customer base, targeted organic traffic and most importantly sales of their product line. To accomplish this feat of success, a proper strategy should be in place before building an eCommerce website.

    A eCommerce website with an intuitive and fresh design can weave magic for your business, maximize revenue and increase the overall value of your business. As on of the top-most companies who excel in eCommerce website development in Chennai and having build 100+ online stores successfully for our clients, we understand the exact requirements of your business and deliver a solution that fits your business and product.

    With our finely-crafted design for your eCommerce business, we promise the final product will offer an excellent shopping experience for your customers and will be the means of unlimited & automated revenue stream for your business.

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    WordPress website design

    WordPress is an open source CMS ( Content Management System ) powered by PHP and MySQL, it has become one of the most desirable platforms for its user-friendly workflow, a rich plugin architecture, web standards and usability. WordPress itself was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly even for a non-technical user. This enables businesses to maintain WordPress easily. In our expert hands of designers, we can customize the WordPress platform as your business requires.

    The type of diversity you can achieve through our WordPress website design & development services is huge and can be applied to any type of website. Right from building a simple content based website to developing WordPress based eCommerce website developed with woo-commerce . The success of your WordPress website is based on an initial solid process of design and development.

    Our expert team of WordPress website developers will craft the right design plan for your website confirming your UI/UX requirement and the budget. Our goal is to design an SEO-friendly website with user experience taking your business to the next level.

    Wordpress Web Development Company In Chennai
    Web Development Company In Chennai

    Custom website design & development

    A website is a touchpoint for a brand, a tool that puts your business on a digital map, and a place that generates business. Expectations from your potential audience are ever increasing and they decide in milliseconds. Be it a corporate website or an eCommerce website, a great website design can be the gateway for your business growth.

    With top notch industry experience and a dedicated team of website designers in chennai, we custom build websites that will exceed your audience’s expectations. Every business has different goals – from sales to leads, to engagement, hence every website should match its business’s vision.

    We design and build websites with both beauty and brains that will reflect your business vision. We offer custom website designing service with compelling visual design, clear conversion points, flawless user experience and search engine friendly.

    Website redesign

    Already have a website, but the design is not up-to the mark? Or the website does not perform well? Work with the most sought out web design company in chennai and get started with our website redesign service.

    A well-designed user interface and an optimized user experience can increase your website’s conversion rate by 200% to 400%. In today’s highly competitive market, it is important for your website to look fresh, updated and impressive at all times. With high speed internet handy in everyone’s mobile devices, users have a wide range of choices to choose from. If visitors find your site, not up to the mark, they will immediately go for your competitors’ site. So it becomes imperative for any business step to opt for website redesign services to create a better impression of your brand image through its website.

    As one of the best web development company in Chennai, Our website redesign services will assist in effectively transforming your website’s look and user experience covering the entire lifecycle of website redesign which includes UX and UI audit, speed optimization, and content relocation ensuring a higher conversion rate for your business. With immense knowledge in technologies like Ajax, PHP, Flash, CSS, Net, XML, XHTML etc., combined with our passion and creativity, we promise to deliver an outstanding and exception website redesign services.

    FAQ’s about Web design

    Web Design is the overall process of creating a look and feel of a website. This process includes several key factors like webpage layout, colours, page structure, font, image, text and graphics. You can learn more about website design from this link.

    Yes, we do create designs from scratch which will be completely customized to meet your business standards.

    The timeline of the project totally depends on the functionalities involved in the website, but if you have a deadline we will plan up things in advance and deliver the website on time. Generally, we complete a website in 20-25 business days.

    The website is built to automatically adapt and deliver the best user experience for all screen sizes that include mobile, computers, laptops and tablets.

    In the world of digital everyone uses the internet, a good website is definitely needed for your business to have a strong online presence. This will allow your customers to find your business through google search resulting in more sales and enquiry.

    Our website cost is calculated based on many factors and it is very difficult to quote an average website price. To get a better idea about the website cost please do contact us, we will ask you some quick questions about the type of website, nature of business and who are your end customers based on which we will prepare a quote.

    The timeline of the project totally depends on the functionalities involved in the website, but if you have a deadline we will plan up things in advance and deliver the website on time. Generally, we complete a website in 20-25 business days.

    You can have as many as you like, more pages are always better in terms of the SEO point of view. For a start we would recommend around 6-8 pages and creating more pages involves time, cost and more resources.

    While most companies go for static websites which have static content usually developed using HTML, building a dynamic website at the start gives you a more flexible and easy to maintain solution.

    Yes, it will be, that is the main purpose of developing a responsive website that is built to automatically adapt and deliver the best user experience for all mobile screen sizes.

    Yes, they are made responsive, designed specifically to the best view in mobiles and tablets.

    Home page is the most important part of your entire website. This is where most of your visitors land, think of your Website home page as your company’s front office. Homepage design should be welcoming, visually pleasing and really easy for users to navigate to other pages.

    Sure we can help you, First, we would study your existing website and then come up with a suitable design to match your business.

    There is no fixed fee for web design as it involves assessment of your needs and understanding the objective of your website, based on which we prepare a quote. First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing us. Kindly contact us today to get a quote

    Usually, the content will be provided by the client as the information is readily available in most of the cases, however, if you want we can also help you on the content part that can be added to the website development proposal.

    Yes, we do provide all web related services. We can register your domain name, develop your website and maintain it.

    Yes of course, without hosting your website will not be up and running. For the website to be online and appear on the internet you need this.

    Domain name is the address of your website like the way we have names. For example A domain name is a unique identity to access your website like a mobile number.

    Yes, you need to. A domain name will be easy to remember and find your website. It also helps get better search ranking, increased branding and establishes a business identity.

    After the launch of your website you completely own it. We will provide you training on how to make basic changes on your own and you can do that any time you want.

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