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Madro Digital is the industry’s leading eCommerce consulting firm offering full scale digital transformation services for businesses to achieve massive growth. Our evolved eCommerce consultants are highly expertise in recommending the most suitable result driven strategies from consulting to execution, marketing and support. We craft highly personalized strategies that truly meet your business needs with an outstanding ROI.

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    Digital marketing has been the oxygen for eCommerce businesses and it is one of the key reasons behind this exceptional growth in the last few years. It has strongly helped the industry to evolve rapidly in a short span of time. There is always something new about digital technologies, the way industry changes and customer buying patterns, accommodating these dynamic factors and bringing them together under a single roof is always a challenge.

    Yet, digital marketing had made it easy for businesses to adapt to the ever-growing digital landscape and disrupt the industry. In the current scenario, we see digital marketing as the shortcut to achieve outstanding business growth and double the sales.

    Path to your successful eCommerce journey

    eCommerce is simply buying and selling products or services using the internet and marketing is a tool to drive traffic to convert that into sales. Well, there is always a misconception about eCommerce which is, as soon as a website is built online sales begin automatically. In reality, it is the other way around unless the business takes initiatives to reach people and build awareness nothing happens to the website.

    eCommerce business cannot just depend on factors such as organic website traffic, SEO and word of mouth as these are non paid strategies, however, a complete digital marketing strategy would be binding both paid and non paid marketing efforts together at a perfect mix will do the job. The right balance will lead to achieving better returns on ad spent and also increasing the conversion rate. Digital marketing has been the key medium for eCommerce brands to deliver outstanding results and the outcomes are increased revenues, reaching a wider target customer base and converting the most people.

    Due to the increase in mobile users and usage of smartphones, one should consider giving more importance to mobile-centric marketing campaigns, mobile-friendly websites and apps. According to Google, 73% of customers do not prefer websites that are not mobile-friendly and there are high chances of them leaving the website immediately eventually leading to a higher bounce rate.

    Another study indicates that 80-85% of eCommerce website traffic comes from mobile devices and out of which 89% of traffic comes from mobile apps because of its rich user experience. As a result of a spike in the above-mentioned factors, eCommerce players have started to emphasize more on mobile-driven shopping platforms and the marketing techniques working in parallel to these have been changed accordingly.

    Consulting from industry experts

    Madromedia has the leading eCommerce consultants who have sound knowledge and deep market insights gained over years of experience. Our consultants employ a combination of marketing techniques that are rightful for your eCommerce business. Here is the list of few techniques:

    • Search engine optimization (eCommerce SEO)
    • Paid/ Search marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Instagram shopping ads
    • Display Ads
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Blogs

    Our eCommerce consultants will journey with you in all aspects of your business making sure the best eCommerce business growth plan is put in place. As a primitive measure, our team will dive deep into your business to understand long term business objectives and meet revenue goals based on the specifics provided about the eCommerce landscape you are about to set. Our consultants will propose a growth plan proportionally to a positive ROI and rest assured it is well met.

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    FAQ’s about eCommerce Consulting

    Consulting is more about analyzing your eCommerce business model, products/ services, understanding customers and markets better to come up with a powerful strategy for your business.

    You are thinking of starting an eCommerce business or maybe you already have one in place but if you think there is no proper strategy in place, that’s when you need consulting to create a market for your product and bring better visibility.

    It all starts right from setting up a frame for an eCommerce business and helping develop the website, identifying a target market, creating a potential product or service to cater to the target audience. Implement the eCommerce business, constantly manage and recommend the best solutions needed for the business to be in health.

    Ecommerce consultants will provide you complete insights about the eCommerce industry, latest trends and solutions that have worked. They also guide you on eCommerce website optimization, crafting digital marketing techniques, pricing and maximizing the profits.

    Our service includes target market analysis, Identify your end customers interest, eCommerce photography, eCommerce marketing, ecommerce SEO, product pricing and product listing.

    Since it is an ongoing process we charge on a monthly basis and sign up for an annual contract, but we also provide project-based consulting where charges are one time payable.

    Yes, we are specialized in providing end to end eCommerce solutions and that involves creating an eCommerce business plan from scratch.

    Yes, eCommerce consulting is one of our premium services and we do consult for more than 50+ eCommerce brands. To know more about our consulting service package please contact us or leave a message our eCommerce consultants will reach you shortly.

    Got more questions about eCommerce consulting services?

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