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Our PPC experts are certified professionals who can help craft a high octane marketing campaign that drives results. Our PPC campaigns are designed precisely to reach your target market, bring 4X more traffic to your website at the lowest conversion rate with maximum conversions or leads generated.

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    What are Search & PPC Ads?

    PPC is the most widely used form of paid search marketing, it is one of the best ways to advertise your business through search engines and reach target users who are already searching for products or services that you cater.

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click and that means you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.Over a billion searches per day are made on google, more importantly, your potential customers actively search for things that your business can provide. Paid search technique connects your business with the appropriate search that is done by end consumers who want your product or service. PPC advertising helps you gain more potential website traffic, target exact groups and drive conversions. Get in touch with our search marketing experts to avail our world class PPC Marketing Services.

    Unleash the power of potential clicks with Google Ads

    PPC advertising with Google is probably one of the best combinations to turn website visitors into buyers likewise visitors into leads. Google Ads are formerly known as Google AdWords that will let you specifically target your audience on the basis of demographics, interest, and keywords. PPC on Google Ads operates in different types based on the functionality of the business; namely

    • Search ads
    • Display ads
    • Remarketing ads
    • Google Shopping ads
    • Video ads

    Google ads are a very important paid marketing tool for all types of businesses that will put your business at the top in front of searchers where you get quickly recognized. PPC campaigns mainly help you get more visibility in a short span of time, unlike SEO which is completely unpaid and it takes quite a time. Secondly, it delivers quality leads, website conversions, and high-quality website traffic instantly and helps your business grow with a better ROI

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    The Indus Valley

    UI Design, Marketing Automation, Web Maintenance, Social Media Marketing


    Increase in



    Increase in



    Increase in

    New Website Visitor

    The key objective of the campaign was to increase the overall eCommerce revenue from the previous year to this year at a rate of 200% and in parallel to this, there has been an increase in conversion rates from 220% to 375%. By deploying an integrated marketing strategy the aggregate ROI from social media & PPC has seen a significant spike resulting in a 139% increase in attracting new website visitors.

    The Indus Valley


    Search/PPC Marketing, SMM, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation


    Increase in

    Paid Leads from PPC


    Increase in

    Organic Leads


    Decrease in

    Cost per Lead

    At the start of our partnership, we analyzed their business thoroughly and understood the need of the hour strategies to quickly help them get more number of daily leads. During the beginning phase, we deployed PPC campaigns on Google Ads to increase the overall paid lead volume to 175% from 23% and most recently we have increased the paid ads leads to 361% at a reduced cost per lead say about a 73% decrease in lead cost. The Comprehensive SEO has given an outstanding result with an increase in organic leads to 113%. Clidel marketing goals were achieved within the estimated time and the company experienced a high positive return from Digital Marketing channels.


    FAQ’s about PPC Marketing

    Paid media is a form of marketing and advertising for your business that you pay for. Paid media includes google ads, youtube ads, Facebook and Instagram sponsor ads and search ads.

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this model charges you only when a user clicks on your ad.

    PPC ads are of multiple forms and this can be used across channels like Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin.

    Google ads also known as Google Adwords is an advertising platform provided by google that allows you to pay and promote your business. Google Adwords can help you get more website visits, calls to your business and generate leads.

    Google Adwords campaign needs to be regularly optimized and monitored for it to perform better and achieve expected results that involve creating new ad groups, editing campaigns, keyword research for search campaigns and allocate budget on a daily basis based on the performance of the campaign.

    We price based on your requirements, but before we go to the pricing part we will do a complete analysis of your business to understand things better. Our charges vary and it totally depends on the campaigns we need to set. Our charges are :

    . Percentage of spend
    . Fixed Fee per month
    . Fixed Fee plus a percentage of spend
    . Based on the number of campaigns and ad group

    Google Adwords is a 100% paid advertising method and it is fast to set up that will get you immediate results as long as you keep paying for it. Adwords will get you high volume paid traffic in no time.SEO is a long term approach, this technique will get you more organic traffic over the time that involves optimizing your website and your social media presence. SEO is absolutely free but you still have to pay for time and expertise to build unpaid traffic.

    Over a billion searches per day are made on google, more importantly, your potential customers actively search for things that your business provides. Paid search technique connects your business with the appropriate search that is done by end consumers who want your product or service.

    Sure we can. We will identify, create strategies and implement PPC campaigns across the best channels which suit your business better. Kindly contact us to get more information.

    We do not generally work on a flat fee basis. The charges are calculated based on the requirement and this completely differs from business to business.

    Have a question about PPC Marketing? We can help!

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