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Local SEO services help you amplify your local business presence built organically over a period of time, resulting in promoting your products or services to local customers who are in your neighbourhood. Our Local SEO experts have solid expertise in using the right combination of tools that best fit your business and make local customers discover your business time and time again.

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    Local SEO for more local business

    Local SEO is an effective online search marketing technique that acts as a portal connecting potential customers with local businesses. It has become one of the essential components of any successful business that has a brick and mortar store or if that business specifically wants to provide service for a given nearby location.

    Local SEO is the process of optimizing your business using various SEO techniques to promote visibility and put your business to the front making it reach more of your target customers.

    There are over a million searches performed day in day out to discover business very close to searchers’ reach. As per facts, 97% of customers search online to find services near their proximity.

    More mobile searches lead to purchase

    The key objective of local search is to identify a business, product or service that is nearby or well within the searcher’s reach. Evidently more of these successful searches are attempted from mobile phones. As a fact, close to 78% of local mobile searches result in driving footfall to physical stores and encourages offline purchases.

    Reviews matter

    One of the key benefits of My business listing is user reviews. They are reliable and uneditable, in fact, 91% of customers read online reviews and 84% of customers trust these reviews as equal to the word of mouth recommendations from their well-known ones.

    True local SEO solutions to amp up your local presence

    The right method to get your business seen on local search is by setting up business listings on Google My Business, Bing, Yelp and many more. This approach includes a group of interlinked activities to get your business on top of the search with the help of a business listing tool that compliments Local SEO by increasing the overall search result.

    Google is the most powerful search engine accounting for 6.9 billion searches every day, from the overall search traffic India brings in about 8.7% of users. Google is undoubtedly a strong search platform, having a business listing from the same ecosystem would be a win-win approach for both your business and customer. Google My Business is a free listing tool that gives your business a strong presence in both Google search and maps. Google My Business allows you to showcase critical contact information of your business such as an address, phone number, website, working hours, facilities available. A well-optimized My business listing will result in a Website click, call or direction request.

    Our Local SEO experts at Madro Digital very well know the in and out of the way industry and search marketing works. To clearly meet your business objectives we deploy proven online strategies that include keyword research, onsite SEO optimization, Google My Business, 3rd Party review website, reviews management, directory listings and Video Marketing.

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    FAQ’s about Local SEO

    Local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization also known as Local search engine marketing that helps businesses to market their products and services to local customers who are online.

    SEO helps your website to gain more visibility and builds organic traffic on a global scale, while Local SEO allows you to gain more local visibility and helps businesses to connect with people who are searching within that area.

    Local SEO is an approach that includes a group of interlinked activities to get your business on top of the search and Google my business is a supporting tool that compliments Local SEO that helps increase the overall result.

    Yes, it is very much needed as this tool helps your business to connect with people from the same locality and also shows directions to your store which eventually brings more footfall.

    The simplest way to get reviews is to get it from your happy customers who are satisfied with your product or service. You can provide customers with a link to My business page to make it easy for them to review and add comments to it.

    Google does not give you a simple delete option to remove a negative review, but at the same, it would be wise if you can talk to your customer and find out the reason for a negative review. Take this as an opportunity to resolve the problem and you can always request your customer to reconsider removing the negative review.

    Yes, they are all interlinked and in fact, they complement each other which gets you better results. These are different techniques to boost visibility, awareness and visitors, it will be powerful and effective if we can link these together.

    If you think you have no time to handle this, we can definitely help you. Kindly contact us, our SEO experts will get back to you at the earliest.

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