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Madro Digital is one of the leading company to provide professional/intent-driven content writing services in chennai. Our Top class content specialist develops relevant high-quality content that better resonates with your audience, keeps them engaging and make them visit your websites over and over again. We generate SEO rich keyword-based content keeping in mind to boost your online presence by 4X more and help you generate more leads.

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    Content writing services have become an integral part of the internet. As the famous saying “Content is the king” goes all the internet marketing strategies cannot function without content. A highly engaging content acts as an ideal medium to communicate with your prospects and help establish a strong connection with your customers. Informative and engaging content is created by a content writer with the right keywords analyzing the user patterns to top the search results.

    Great content stimulates audience emotion

    Producing high intent relevant content backed with search engine optimizing techniques can pull a great deal of website traffic that eventually attracts prospects and converts them into your potential customers. The relevant content created builds a better engagement rate and rapport with your users correlating with the inbound marketing strategy.

    For businesses for whom brand value, customer retention and long term matters more than short term sales, you need to share your knowledge and experience with people so that they can understand your brand values better. To attain this you need to publish fresh articles and blog posts on a regular basis and then share your content on your website for the benefit of your customers. Your users are not interested in just the marketing messages they always need something they can relate to.

    We create content that shouts out

    Our team of well-seasoned content writers produces organic high-quality content that perfectly aligns with your business core objectives. We first understand your buyers persona, buyers journey, targeted users and based on this we craft a personalized content plan that will resonate with your potential prospects.

    Our content will be totally brand-aligned content and it will be employed in such a way that will compliment your product, service, core business values and mission. We produce well-researched keywords rich and SEO friendly content that drives organic traffic and generate quality leads. We provide high-quality content writing services for all forms of internet marketing service. Some of these content types are:

    • SEO content
    • Article Writing
    • Social media content management
    • Newsletters
    • Technical content
    • Blog Posts
    • e-Books
    • Website Copywriting

    We always make sure the content generated is 100% unique and fresh that can stand out on the web building a premier position for your brand.

    Torch your Brand Voice with Stellar Content

    Get 8X More Organic Search Traffic

    FAQ’s about Content Writing

    Content is anything that goes into your website, blog and social media, it may be a video, image, contact info or text that is specifically designed to target your audience, customers or end consumers.

    It is an approach towards creating the writing which is in the form of online and used in all digital marketing channels that include planning, understanding target customers’ needs, writing and curating it to match your end-users.

    Content writing is used in Websites, landing pages, blogs, creatives, social media posts and script for videos.

    The short answer is: There is no website without content. Good quality content is the key to having a higher ranking in the search engines and that is only possible by having rich keyword-based content on your website.

    Yes. Try to include as many keywords as possible to your blog posts to increase your ranking organically. Adding keywords to your blogs is much easier than adding them to your web pages.

    Our team of experienced content writers creates high-quality valuable content that are not plagiarized.

    Yes, we do. We research the right keywords with the maximum search option before writing for blogs or websites.

    We have various pricing models, one is the fixed fee model which will be clubbed as a package and the other one works on the basis of per words, posts and blogs. We will be able to better fix that once we analyze the amount of work that is required.

    Have a question about Content Writing Service? We are here to help!

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