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Madro Digital is a top UI/UX Design Company specialized in creating unique user experiences that are in line with the requirements of the end user. At the heart of developing a highly interactive design, we deliver easy to use interfaces connecting all touchpoints of your target audience with innovative design experience. Our experienced designers are highly expertise in all aspects of our UI/UX services that encompass Front end design, prototype design, user flows, wireframing and Graphics detailing all brought together for better results.

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    With the internet becoming one of the essential commodities in our everyday life, businesses should have a strong presence online to reach billions of internet users and generate revenue out of it. Some clear examples are Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Flipkart etc where millions of users use the services every day.

    To keep your audiences engaged with your application, be it a mobile or web application, user interfaces and experiences play a crucial role. Often, any website or an app will have all the required information and functionality, however, no one may use it? The problem could be the UX/UI of the application or site.

    A well planned UI / UX design will help your business stand out among your competitors in online presence. Therefore, building a website for your business is more than just providing content and having a quick loading time, but providing the best user experience making your audience glued to your application.

    Transforming human experience through design

    User Interface(UI) and User Experience (UX) play an important role in how any website runs, eventually the success of your website. Every time a user visits your website and navigates it, an interaction should take place, a flow should happen. This determines that users are engaging with your website. This process plays an important role in the success of any website. And the most crucial element is the UI/UX which makes your audience glued to your website. We understand your business requirement and pain points and work on the areas that require more attention in terms of user attention.

    As one of the leading UI/UX design companies in Chennai, we follow an extensive and innovative designing methodology that transcends industry standards and exceeds customer expectations every time. We continuously keep ourselves updated on the latest and trending technologies to deliver the most outstanding and unique UI/UX design.

    Our goal is to deliver a stunning, user-centric design that will keep your users engaged in your product/service. Keeping your business vision in our mind, We travel with you for the entire design lifecycle, offering tailor-made UI/UX design solutions, specifically planned and handcrafted for your business.

    Create unique user interface & experience

    For any online application, User experience is everything. Its human psychology of selecting anything that will enhance his or her life. User experiences define the interface of your website or mobile app. It affects the user’s persona, how they react and responds to your product or service. Our goal is to design your website or app keeping your users at the forefront and shape the technology around them.

    The ingredients to have a successful website keeps changing quickly. We analyze your business goals, set the right objectives and decide strategy, design, Information Architecture and content that will best suit your business’ audience. With perfect User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience (UX), we deliver an amazing customer experience providing a huge positive impact on the overall brand experience.

    • User-centric Website/App Design
    • UI / UX Design
    • Wireframing & Prototyping
    • CMS and eCommerce Integration
    • Usability and Competition Analysis
    • Cross Browser / Platform UI Testing & Validation
    • Website Content Strategy
    • Information Architecture Design
    • Infographics & Typography

    Want to Create Rich Design that will Deliver a User Driven Experience?

    Transform Visual Ideas to a Good Customer Journey

    FAQ’s about UI/UX Design

    UI/UX is a design approach to give users a better experience while going through a website, mobile application or any digital product.

    It takes a lot of effort to bring a user to the website and at the same time users become a little impatient if they find it difficult in navigating. A great UI/UX design can hold your website visitors for a longer duration and it makes users’ life easy by serving what they want.

    A good UI/UX design can hold a visitor on the website for a longer duration and it also helps to generate revenue, conversions and more leads.

    It is applied to Websites, Mobile applications, ERP, CRM and digital products.

    We have different packages for UI/UX design services, our basic package will allow for 2 changes whereas our premium package can allow upto 4 changes.

    A face to face meeting is not necessary as most of the discussions would be done over emails and calls, but if a meeting is really needed for us to proceed further we would definitely come to meet you in person.

    If you do not like the design, we will review the feedback received from you and work further based on the inputs to come up with a better design. Our job is to get you a design that completely satisfies you.

    We charge on an hourly basis and that will be applied on total project hours. The total hours for design will be calculated based on the requirement of the project and it also involves other parameters like objective and budgets. Kindly contact us to get a quote plus a free consultation.

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