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Our Mobile Application development experts at Madro Digital are highly creative and totally committed to delivering high quality mobile apps for the unique wants of your business. As the best mobile app development company in chennai, we convert business idea into reality, help you leverage the mobile technology with a well thought out agile methodologies backed by development techniques and efficient architecture leading to create powerful apps on all platforms.

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    It’s a complex matrix of mobile platforms and smartphones out there. Right from everyday news to buying groceries, banking to entertainment, everything can be done right from smartphone and mobile Apps. If your business offers a product or a service which enhances the lives of its users, then it better be in a position where it can be easily accessed, and that’s everyone’s mobile devices.

    Developing Apps to support your business for and on various mobile platforms can be overwhelming. Everything from design, UI, user experience and functionality should be planned and implemented properly to make your product/service reach millions of users through mobile apps. Whether you are an enterprise or an SMB, it’s very important to have the innovation element in the solutions you provide aligns with your long term business vision which will provide the best Return on Investment (ROI).

    Let us help materialize your business goals

    Madro Digital is a leading full-service Mobile App Development company, leveraging agile methodologies and an expert team to deliver astounding and engaging apps, materializing business goals across diverse industry verticals. We help to create and spearhead your business’s “Go Mobile” strategy by collaborating closely with your business, completely understand your requirements and develop secure, engaging mobile apps tailored to fit your business needs.

    Based on your requirement and budget, we help you decide on choosing the right methodology and deliver your app, be it a cross platform hybrid app or a native app. Our skilled team with immense expertise in mobile app development will effectively meet your challenging deadlines in a cost-effective way, guaranteeing a highly receptive, astounding mobile app, keeping you ahead of the technology curve amongst your competitors.

    Let us take care of the entire mobile app development lifecycle, so you can focus on what you are passionate about – running your business successfully. We expertise in developing mobile apps in diverse industry verticals as follows

    • Shopping
    • Healthcare
    • Fitness
    • Finance
    • Travel
    • Transport
    • Social
    • Food & Beverages
    • Rental
    • IoT and more

    Android mobile app development

    With the number of android mobile variants increasing at a rapid phase, having an android app will prove to be a game changer for your product or service. A lot goes into developing a mobile app that meets our eyes. When users use and like your product, it means increased revenue for your business. Hence, it becomes very important to optimally serve your Android target group in the best manner possible.

    This requires a well planned application framework and the right execution, to give high-quality and exceptional user experiences to your target audience, empowering them to immediately access all core functionalities with ease.

    Our expert android developer team and agile methodology, we promise to deliver a tailor-made android application for your product/service with specific objectives, business goals and across multiple devices like Android Smartphones, Android TV and Android Wear. Our team will travel with you for the entire lifecycle, right from ideation until maintenance, be it a custom android app development needs or other device integrations on Android platform, we promise a world class solution.

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    iOS mobile app development

    In today’s world the key differentiating factor is having that innovation element in product or service you provide to your customers. iOS continues to give innovative mobile products and customers drastically keep increasing for Apple products every year. Having the “Ultimate” standard set for User experience, design and functionalities, both team Apple and its users expect high quality iOS apps for their devices.

    With our proven iOS app development methodology, we combine your business idea and our industry expertise to give you the ultimate final product which will impress your customers, eventually generating revenue for your business. Our team of technically savvy iOS developers will deliver high-performance, feature-packed iOS apps tailored to your expectations. Be it an end-user application or for an enterprise, you can rest assured that your ioS app project is in safe hands.

    Cost effective hybrid mobile app development

    Cross-platform app development technology enables an application to function on multiple platforms with the same content and functionality, however, users shouldn’t be able to distinguish it from a natively built app. A good Cross platform mobile app should not look identical on different platforms, but it should have a native look and feel. Demand for feature-rich, cross platforms compatible mobile applications is gaining momentum, as it addresses user experience, functionality and cost-effectiveness in a single stroke. Be it an end-user application or an enterprise-grade application, businesses across different verticals have started considering hybrid mobile apps for their product/service.

    Madro Digital expertise in building highly-effective cross platform hybrid mobile applications, leveraging on both web and native mobile technologies. With extensive expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other latest cutting edge frameworks like Steroids, Phonegap, Chocolate Chip UI, Sencha etc, we promise to deliver frameworks to the table for building hybrid cross platform apps have an extra ounce of awesomeness and great user experience.

    Build an Engaging App and Drive your Customers to Action

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    FAQ’s about Mobile App Development

    Every Mobile Application is different in terms both of design & functionality. Once we get the project requirements for your mobile app, our experts will provide you with carefully create project timeline & cost estimate within 24 hours. Furthermore, Contact us for a free consulting session and get a project estimate within 24 hours.

    Our project managers will provide you with timely updates regarding your mobile app development progress on a scheduled basis, ask for feedback, and delivers the project on the fixed deadline with utmost transparency.

    We provide a 90-days warranty, training & support. And also once this warranty period is completed, you can extend our support and maintenance services.

    We have developed all types of mobile applications,
    1. Native Apps Development (for Android & iOS)
    2. Mobile-Web Apps Development
    3. Hybrid or Cross-Platform Apps Development

    It generally takes two to six months to build a mobile application depending upon the design, features, functionalities, complexity of the application, and the platform preference. If you have an app idea, you can share it with us and we can provide you with an ETA. Furthermore, Contact us for a free consulting session and get a project estimate within 24 hours.

    Yes. We have developed Mobile Apps that support both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Furthermore, we have also created applications that work simultaneously across mobile and web devices.

    We will provide you with the project’s complete source code at the time of project delivery. We believe in full transparency and intellectual rights.

    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We build your mobile applications on our development server’s and we can also provide you with a walkthrough on the current status of the project on request.

    Yes it is very much needed as this platform helps your business to connect with people from the same locality and also shows directions to your store which eventually brings more foot fall.

    It is not an issue at all, most of our customers are business people who have a vision for the project and our job is to handhold them till the time of project completion. We like to stay honest with both non-technical and technical clients. In fact, we have worked for various non-IT industries and assisted them by successfully executing their apps.

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