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Madro Digital is an extremely distinct global marketing automation agency that offers personalized and easy to use automated tools for driving exponential business transformation. Our approach is to provide the best practised solutions to engage with buyers across channels and acquire the most qualified leads that trigger an outstanding ROI.

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    Marketing with automation techniques

    Marketing automation is a technique used widely by all sizes and shapes of organizations that employees automating repetitive tasks and workflows. The core objective of the automation system is to come up with a compelling logic that puts together business processes, Sales and Marketing operations at a common touchpoint interacting with each other in real time.

    This new age technique focuses on streamlining day to day tasks and building personalized marketing campaigns across channels to target audiences based on customers’ behaviour. Marketing automation uplifts the performance of overall marketing activities from lead generation, scoring the most qualified leads, lead nurturing, demand generation, CRM integration, customized emails, and creating power packed marketing campaigns on social media platforms. The process fully automates the coordination between your Sales and Marketing team making them work as one team.

    Simplified process with automated workflows

    Marketing automation mainly acts as a centralized channel for processing all marketing related tasks and activities within your business. The idea is to deploy reliable systems in place where ongoing communication between the Sales and Marketing department works seamlessly and they are closely intertwined with each other. Mostly Businesses are engaged with marketing campaigns around the year as a result majority of their time and resources are allocated to firefight the existing campaigns eventually having no room for marketing innovations.

    Workflows act as a backbone for a marketing automation platform. It is a sequence of working procedures that are determined by logics, conditions, actions and pre-written instructions for a best practised automation solution. The ultimate goal of workflows is to automate manually repeated tasks such as sending emails, responding to a lead and timely followup. Automation assigns each task into a workflow and a set of triggers will represent follow-up messages to keep the user engaged.

    A powerful marketing automation tool can lead to the best of potential outcomes such as :

    • Better customer relationship management
    • Gain deep insights about customers
    • Customer-centric marketing campaigns
    • Bridging point for multiple departments
    • Save time
    • Lead generation
    • Sales intelligence
    • Streamline process
    • Real-time reporting
    • Automated followup
    • Automated email campaigns
    • Lead rotation to the sales team
    • Classifying leads between the sales and marketing team

    Enrich your buyer’s journey with personalized experience

    Marketing automation supports businesses to enhance efficiency between teams, follow up management and it sets the grounds for a company’s future advancement. As a matter of fact, a huge number of small and mid-size enterprises are opting in for marketing automation, even the biggest conglomerates of the world are game for it.

    We have worked with top-notch marketing automation providers and successfully implemented projects with all major marketing automation platforms including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Marketo and Zoho CRM.

    Our Seasoned marketing experts will develop a highly personalized marketing automation strategy that aptly suits your business goals, budget and help you drive real results by analyzing what’s working and what is not. The automation level is totally customizable based on the budget and complexity of your sales and marketing objective. Based on the observation we craft a reliable automation program that delivers outstanding marketing ROI.

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    FAQ’s about Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation is the process to automate your marketing and sales channels that include lead generation, lead nurturing, sending out emails, marketing on social media platforms and creating retargeting ads.

    • Email marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Automating social media platform
    • Sales intelligence
    • Streamline process
    • Real-time reporting

    Hubspot marketing automation centralizes all marketing tasks within your business and it automates manually repeated activities like sending email, responding to a lead, follow up and lead nurturing.

    • Automated followup
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Automated email campaigns
    • Lead rotation to the sales team
    • Classifying leads between the sales and marketing team

    Workflow is a sequence of processes that are defined by logics, conditions, actions and pre-written instruction for seamless automation. For example, once a contact us request is received Hubspot tool triggers personalized thank you message in return and it creates a set of followup messages to keep the user engaged.

    It is a big no. Any business that has a sales and marketing team can implement Hubspot marketing automation software. You can customize the automation level based on the budget you have, you can even start with a minimal marketing budget to check the effectiveness of the automation.

    The key benefit for implementing marketing automation is to have better customer relationship management and it also helps you gain more knowledge about your customers, create personalized marketing campaigns, lead tracking and act as a bridge between sales and marketing teams.

    In fact, more a large number of small and mid-sized businesses are using salesforce and on the other hand, some of the biggest companies rely on using Salesforce Marketing Automation

    Salesforce Marketing automation helps businesses to increase efficiency between teams, follow up management and it lays the foundation for a company’s future development.

    No not at all. They have different pricing plans and features. You can plan and customize the marketing automation that best suits your business well within your budget.

    CRM stands for Customer relationship management is a system software used to manage and handle all customer data, store them, automate all marketing and sales processes to deliver superior customer relationship service.

    No they are not, CRM is a business tool and one of its key features is to automate the marketing process. But not really the entire marketing part of the company.

    ZOHO CRM acts as a single bridging point for multiple departments of an organization like the Sales team, Marketing, operations and customer service under a point of contact within one system.

    Yes, Zoho CRM really helps you to store all business information and customer data into a centralized system. CRM can increase customer satisfaction, understand what your customer wants and will be able to quickly provide solutions to them.

    Zoho CRM is developed to be used by everyone, more importantly, it is designed to be user friendly and allows multiple users from various departments to collaborate and use the CRM at the same time.

    Yes, of course, Zoho CRM can be customized for any business across all industry types.

    First and foremost Zoho CRM brings your sales, marketing and customer relation together as a single process. It helps increase your sales, delivers quality leads, streamline your process, improves customer satisfaction and retention.

    Indeed yes, we would be happy to help you. Kindly CONTACT US to know more about marketing automation solutions and our experts will get back to you with the right recommendations.

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