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Madro Digital offers a competitive digital marketing strategy exclusively designed for educational institutions to attract higher student volume and enhance academic identity through proven digital avenues. With seasoned experts on board, we build tailored campaigns for you to drive more potential prospects and turn them into leads for achieving profitable growth.

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    With the internet being widely used by the younger generation and a large portion of that group being that of students, digital marketing plays a major role in influencing them. The Internet medium has become a great tool for students who are constantly searching for information about educational institutes, courses, curriculum, online programs, fees related information, admission procedure, teachers and their experience.

    The new age technologies act as a bridge between educational institutions, colleges and on the other end with both the parents and students creating ideal ways to reach out to the other. Many educational institutions have understood the power of digital media and have turned their attention to digital media marketing to reach more students and make them engage in a very effective manner.

    Engage prospect students digitally

    Educational institutes can tap potential new students and increase admission rates through a cohesive digital marketing strategy. The most effective campaign would act according to the trait of the business needs. There are different digital marketing methods that can be employed to boost your institutions presence such as through social media, PPC ads, Google display ads, email marketing, SEO and SMS marketing.

    The perfect mix of all these methods will lead to the crafting of a powerful digital media campaign resulting in getting the maximum visibility, increased attention, in turn driving more students for your institutions. A heavily personalized ROI driven marketing strategy can result in:

    • Increased student admission
    • Double student enquiries
    • Tap prospective students
    • Develop a strong alumni
    • Enhanced alumni relationships
    • Generate Higher returns

    Performance marketing to drive higher revenue

    E-learning: E-Learning has been gaining immense popularity in recent years with the world becoming internet-oriented. E-learning allows the students to study remotely at their convenience. Even the traditional institutions like schools and colleges are adapting to the new changes and are including e-learning to their curriculum. A lot of online courses are being created to bring good income to the students, and many students have been taking up these courses.

    Search/ Display Ads: Managing online ads such as PPC or display ads are important to garner the right amount of attention of the parent and students to your institution. Placing your PPC ads on relevant web pages that are related to your program will increase the inquiries you receive. For instance, suppose if you want to promote your latest online, then it is advantageous to place your ads on a website related to education, which is more likely to be visited by potential students or parents. You need to run ads also on web pages that are dedicated to higher education and career advancement to get more attention. In this way, you can online manage ad placement that helps to regulate the marketing budget and to reach the most appropriate prospects in an efficient way.

    Social Media: Social media is another medium where you should concentrate on advertising as most of the social media users are students. More of them are bound to visit your site if you post your ads on social media platforms. While developing an effective social media strategy, you must identify the most relevant social media platforms in which your target audience is highly active. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main social media platforms that are quite popular among student communities, promoting on these channels will help you generate more inquiries and increase the enrollment rate.

    Video Streaming: Video streaming is gaining popularity among students, especially in social media. Therefore live streaming can be utilized to the maximum extent in gathering the attention of students. Hosting a live Q&A session and addressing FAQs regarding application and admission process, fee structure, learning amenities and opportunities etc. To give students a better understanding of your institution and the courses available, you can ask your

    210% Increase in Students Enrollment Rates

    Acheive Exponential Growth through Student Centric Campaigns

    FAQ’s about Digital marketing for Educational Institutions

    In recent times due to the expansion of the internet and its usage, new technologies have been developed in parallel to complement the same and industries have experienced drastic changes. The education sector was one among them and digital marketing became the primary channel to connect students and their parents who are online.

    There are various methods like social media, PPC ads, Google search and display ads, email marketing and SMS marketing all combined together will help promote an educational institution.

    Website, informative blogs, SEO, social media and paid search and display ads.

    Yes, it has, students and their parents have moved online recently. Even the student learning experience has changed from the traditional classroom to a digital blackboard method. As a result, teachers have to quickly adapt to change.

    Yes, it is, both students and parents are online and they make sure they properly research the course, duration, faculties and placement options before the enrollment process.

    The target audience for educational institutions are parents and students; for us to convert them into potential prospects we have to keep re-targeting them until they convert.

    Definitely it is, there are plenty of institutions that still use newspaper ads, hoardings, flyers, and theatre ads however digital marketing has outsmarted traditional marketing because of its cost, easy to customize and measure.

    Not one, in fact, there are plenty of strategies available but we will have to identify the right fit for your sector. The ideal digital marketing strategy is the combination of all activities that are needed to deliver a better online learning experience. We do this by completely understanding your core objectives first and then come up with a suitable strategy. To know more kindly contact us.

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