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A strong presence for your business is very vital, equally important is the way your brand is positioned on Instagram with our customized long term marketing strategies. Our specialist will deploy strategies that best fit your business and make sure that every campaign achieves the highest engagement rate to maximize your online sales revenue by 20% more.

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    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms which has more than one billion active users per month and close to 500 million Instagrammers every day. Back in the time when Instagram was introduced in 2010, it sounded more like a photo-sharing app that had self-portraits, travel pictures, food and entertainment related pictures shared by users. Instagram has now grown into a complete social media channel that allows advertisers to use the channel to promote their business using different paid tools that are inbuilt.

    Instagram is the perfect place for marketing all shapes and sizes of the business method although it better works for brands who want to target younger audiences. According to facts, close to 72% of users are under the age of 35 and the major Instagram user base ranges from 25-34.

    Moreover, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business out of which at least 78% follow brands which is a good sign for brands and advertisers. Instagram marketing can be used from global brands to regional brands, brick and mortar stores, and it best works for eCommerce players especially from luxury brands, clothing, lifestyle and beauty products. Opt for our ROI driven instagram marketing services today to get your business to the next level.

    Benefit with Instagram marketing

    Before we get started to the marketing part, there are few important criteria to be kept in mind while establishing your presence on Instagram. A good strategy backed by the right marketing tools will lead you to execute campaigns that can bring the desired results.

    Instagram marketing will help your business to achieve goals such as increasing your brand presence, more new followers, engage directly with your audience, generate appealing content, convert followers to potential shoppers and finally brand reputation. The marketing is absolutely carried out only using Instagram as the medium. Instagram marketing has different ads to meet different objectives namely stories ads, photo ads, video ads and carousel ads to meet your various business goals. Here is a glimpse of types of ads for different business objectives


    • Brand Awareness
    • Local Awareness
    • Reach and Frequency


    • Website Clicks
    • Video Views


    • Website conversion
    • Dynamic ads
    • Mobile app installs and engagement
    • Shopping ads

    Result driven marketing plan

    Instagram has 2 million advertisers monthly operating from 25 million business accounts. Instagram marketing has the potential to tap approximately 850 million users and it has worked for all types of businesses. Thus making it one of the most powerful channels to promote a brand or business.

    We believe it is quite essential to have a result-oriented marketing strategy that comes through doing extensive research and dive deep into your core business objectives. Our ad specialist at Madro Digital knows what is right for your brand and how to execute a proven strategy that is best for your growth.

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    FAQ’s about Instagram Marketing

    Instagram marketing is one of the marketing methods used for building a brand, reaching out to target customers and capturing the target audience for your business. The marketing is absolutely carried out only using Instagram as the medium.

    Instagram marketing can be used from global brands to regional brands, brick and mortar stores, local shops, small and medium-sized businesses by promoting their product or service through a visually rich photo or video.

    No, they are not the same, Instagram posts are content/ messages that are developed relevant to your brand, posted and the reach is obtained in an organic way, whereas ads are paid medium to promote a specific post.

    The ads appear on users’ Instagram stories, feed and on Instagram explore.

    You can run Instagram ads directly from your Instagram business page or through Facebook ads manager, this works only when your Facebook and Instagram business pages are linked together.

    Instagram marketing gains more followers, a higher engagement rate, generates quality website traffic, builds an audience and increases footfalls to your brick and mortar store.

    Photo ads, Videos ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads, collection ads and ads in explore.

    Yes, it is because Instagram helps you to target a larger audience base who are mostly 35 years old and younger. It is a very effective channel for brands as almost 70% of users follow a brand.

    Got more questions about Instagram Marketing?

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