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We help B2B businesses to enjoy the benefit of networking with millions of professionals who are on Linkedin. More importantly, we implement proven marketing techniques to place your business with leading executives and key decision-makers as a method of prospecting. Partner up with Madro Digital, our lead specialist can help your business tap 3X more connects reaching out to top industry professionals that lead to capture the finest of leads and B2B sales.

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    Linkedin is one of the most professional social networking channels for executives to establish networking with contacts, it is considered as one of the best places for a business to business social networking. To look at things in primitive level Linkedin acts as a platform for Jobseekers where professionals upload resumes, apply on job postings and follow key decision-makers who are involved in Hiring.

    On a bigger scale, Linkedin is the right medium for B2B businesses to reach potential prospects, expand their network by connecting with industry leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and key decision-makers. The platform has a strong base of 630 million active users and this comprises of 11 million users as decision-makers and key stakeholders. As per facts, over 80% of B2B leads generated from social media come from Linkedin. To compare leads from Linkedin with other social media, conversion rate and quality of leads are much better.

    Expand your business network with leading professionals

    Linkedin marketing is organically getting visibility and reaching out to your networks with a message that you convey in a post and also by having a Linkedin business account where you can create paid ads via campaign manager. To start paid ads on Linkedin there are two important factors to be in place, One is an active company page and the other is to have that page linked with a campaign manager.

    Campaign manager allows you to select the suitable campaign objective for your business, based on the timeline and budget of the campaign. Linkedin marketing allows you to choose the right objective to start campaigns accordingly. There are three main objectives namely awareness, consideration, conversion-based, these objectives further lead you to select your goal and based on which a personalized campaign will be set. The list has goals such as brand awareness, website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation and website conversion.

    Linkedin allows you to precisely target your potential audience based on Job title, industry, educational background and many more including company name, company size, job seniority and based on skills. Linkedin audience network has more decision-making powers than any other online audience. The audience network comprises entrepreneurs, business owners, decision-makers, key stakeholders, C-level executives, influencers and IT/banking professionals. The audience list has about 180 million top-level influencers, 60 million decision-makers and 10 million C-level executives. Linkedin has different ad formats namely :

    • Sponsored content – Sponsored content for directly reaching your target person newsfeed and this ad format gains higher reach.
    • Sponsored messaging – Send a direct message to your target audience inbox.
    • Text ads – These are easy to create, tailor quick messages and pay only for ads that get a click.
    • Dynamic ads – Used to promote the Linkedin page, increase followers to a company page. Dynamic ads are run to drive website traffic, promote a new product.

    Generate quality leads with LinkedIn advertisement

    With more than 93% of B2B marketers considering Linkedin as the most effective channel for lead generation, most of the marketers have already figure out the importance of Linkedin marketing. It is high time for you to tap the leading business network and start your journey towards high profile professional networking.

    Tap the World’s Largest Professional Network and Storm the B2B Market

    Power-Packed campaigns to Deliver High Volume Leads

    FAQ’s about LinkedIn marketing

    Linkedin marketing is organically getting visibility and reaching out to your networks with a message that you convey in a post and also by having a Linkedin business account you can create paid ads via campaign manager.

    For you to start ads on Linkedin, first and foremost you need to work on a company profile page. Based on this you need to create a Business account under your company page and only after this process, you can run Paid Linkedin ads.

    A company page on Linkedin means a dedicated page assigned to showcase information about companies that are open to all Linkedin users or networks.

    No, you do not have to pay for creating a company page which is absolutely free.

    With the help of Linkedin campaign manager you can choose the type of ads you want to run, audience, control your budget and the total duration of the campaign.

    Through Linkedin campaign manager you can run Sponsored content for higher reach on a newsfeed, sponsored messaging to reach your target audience inbox, text and dynamic ads placed across Linkedin.

    Yes, these ad formats are supported by Linkedin like every other social media channel.

    Through Linkedin ads, you can target a company by its name, size, industry, location, Job title, Degree, Member age and Gender.

    Yes, Linkedin is a great tool to generate quality B2B leads and it is one of the most preferred B2B channels by all leading companies.

    Yes, it is, especially if you want to target B2B businesses then Linkedin is the perfect channel that can get you connected with the right associate or contacts from relevant industries.

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