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Madro Digital is a leading online reputation management company that helps businesses earn a positive image by enhancing the reputation build over the years. Our seasoned experts are highly capable of protecting your brand from negative publicity, develop a positive reputation among customers and help your business gain trust making your brand popular on the internet.

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    Online reputation management (ORM) is taking control of the online discussions about your business. It is a set of techniques and strategies to ensure that people find the right information when they are looking for you on the Internet. Online reputation management creates a balance if there are any misleading trends circulating about your business.

    Gone are those days where people ask for recommendations before they visit a business but now users completely rely on Google and research about the business before they could do the transaction with them. People refer to the Internet as their primary source of information and put a lot of trust in what it tells them. Their decisions are largely influenced by what they find online. Over 97% of people read online reviews before they make a decision on buying a product. Two out of three people see the internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business.

    Gain reputation become a thought leader

    Online reputation management is a never-ending task in which you’ll have to create, build, and maintain your brand reputation. More and more people now have access to the internet in the form of a mobile phone, tablet, etc, so there is an increase in the number of people posting reviews. If there is a negative comment about your business online in the form of a review is going to stay there forever and pose damage to your reputation.

    It’s important to keep tabs on what people are saying about you online and then take steps to rectify them to avoid any lasting impact. You would also need to keep in check of what you post online as it may be more trouble than you bargained for. Due to the enormous use of social media nowadays, even posts from decades before can crop up harming your reputation.

    Creating a positive spot for your brand

    At Madro Digital, our experts will assess the current standing of your business reputation, identify core ideas and propose proven strategies to achieve the projected results. One of the main reasons for you to manage your online reputation is to keep up the good reputation earned over the years, to get more positive reviews from your potential customers.

    This technique is also interconnected to SEO that helps you top in search results, whether or not the information is accurate Google does prioritize according to the popularity and Online reputation management counteracts this and maintains balance.

    Boost up your Online Sales by 5X

    With the Finest Reputation Management Strategy

    FAQ’s about Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management is also known as ORM is the process of managing anything about your company or business that comes on online. It involves pushing the old content to the bottom and brings updated new positive content to the front page of google.

    Gone are those days where people ask for recommendations before they visit a business but now users completely rely on Google and researches about the business before they could spend their money.

    As soon as you get a negative review don’t get upset. All you have to do is find out why a negative review was given in the first place, come up with a permanent solution and once resolved kindly write back or get in touch with the user to edit the review.

    No, you can’t, however, you can get more and more positive reviews from your customers/ clients to push the old negative review from the first page.

    It all depends on how much damages to be fixed and the volume of negative content to be removed. It can usually take weeks to six month for the program to work.

    Yes, it is a good option because reviews on social media platforms are all open and easily accessible to every target customer who is there on the same platform.

    Google my business plays an important role in increasing reputation online as google reviews are considered to be one of the most trusted and as well as highly reviewed content.

    Your online Customers and their reviews or feedback are valued the most today.

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