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SMS marketing is a very personalized one on one marketing technique to communicate directly to your customer. With our SMS marketing services, We provide scalable SMS solutions for businesses of all sizes to increase their brand awareness, constantly engage with customers and enhance your customer journey. Our proven strategies help you gain a higher delivery rate while achieving the highest ROI than any other marketing channel.

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    SMS marketing for the new age digital space

    SMS marketing is a new age marketing technique to send promotional messages to customers by using text messages as the medium. This marketing technique is used to send special day offers, coupons, promotional updates, alerts and information about new products only to those who have opted in to receive them. SMS marketing works for all sizes of businesses and organizations right from banks, airlines, hospitals, educational institutes, retail outlets to shopping centres.

    On the other hand, this method also helps small businesses and retailers to reach their local audience within a small vicinity. It is basically a very outright medium that obtains permission from the customer before the messages are sent to them or they being added to the list by the advertiser.

    SMS marketing is also known as text message marketing which is a very personalized one to one marketing technique that communicates directly to the customer within seconds from the message being actually sent. SMS in fact has a higher level of reach and a good open rate which is much better compared to other similar mediums such as email marketing. Emails are not very often checked except for a few times in a day however, SMS are checked every now and then resulting in a significant open rate.

    As per the fact, SMS marketing is one of the marketing techniques that achieve higher ROI and the messages are delivered to the customers within 15 minutes. It has the highest read rate accounting to 97% for that reason most of the businesses consider SMS marketing as one of the result driven mediums.

    Tailored messages well delivered

    The ultimate goal of SMS marketing is to grow an audience base which is a list of subscribers that completely belongs to your business. As a result, you have complete control over your customer database in addition to this you can customize SMS marketing campaigns the way you want.

    SMS marketing has become extremely popular in the last few years as worldwide mobile phone users are expected to surpass 5 billion and as per reports given by TRAI India has about 1,026.37 million active users which is almost 90% of India’s population. It is an opportunity for every business to leverage the option of reaching a wider audience base and selecting the ideal target customer based on the demographics, and interest. SMS is the customer’s most preferred medium to received updates and offers from brands.

    Madro Digital provides expert solutions to businesses who are in need of setting up tailor-made SMS campaigns. To sum up for our clients to meet the objective efficiently in terms of both costs as well as the performance we have developed our very own SMS software that can be totally customized to suit your business and campaign needs well. Every business differs and so is marketing budgets, through our extensive study about your business we recommend the right spent that is needed for the campaign and realign strategies that work to achieve a higher open rate and build your very own customer database steadily with a reliable approach.

    Delivered Campaigns with the Highest Open Rate of 98%

    Wider Reach leads to Increased Sales

    FAQ’s about SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing works when a customer opts in to receive transactional or promotional sms from a Brand / organization / entity, and his/her number is entered into the database. Once this is done the customer becomes part of the SMS marketing journey.

    There are SMS providers who have solutions readily built so that you don’t have to build one. We also have our own SMS marketing solutions in a place where you don’t have to purchase our software. However, we will charge you only for the SMS you are going to send.

    Absolutely you can do it on your own. Especially if you use SMS marketing solutions like the one we have you will not find it difficult as it is built to be user friendly and also we do provide training and support as in when needed.

    The more you send it will easily get registered and create a better connection with your customers, twice a week would be the right frequency to achieve a higher open rate. Yet, again the frequency differs from industry to industry.

    They are one of the effective mediums in digital marketing and this is because of their higher open rates comparatively better than promotional emails. Marketing SMS creates better recall and it is mobile friendly.

    Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of SMS campaigns because of its flexibility to customize the message based on the campaign send time, audience, demographics and frequency.

    Absolutely, it works for all B2C, B2B, small, mid and large companies across any industry.

    In general, we charge per SMS and it totally depends on the number of SMS needed. For more details about our marketing SMS charges kindly contact us.

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