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    Amidst the new age technologies, Social Media is one of the most engaging marketing channels on the Internet with an active user base of 3.96 billion across the globe. As per the data, it clearly shows that almost half of the earth’s population is active on social media platforms. On a day in day out basis with millions of people being on social media actively interacting with friends, sharing moments and engaging with brands they follow has made the platform become even more popular and powerful than ever.

    Social media platforms set out as a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to a wider audience base, engage with followers and generate maximum brand awareness. Furthermore, an active social media presence will lead to building brand loyalty, drive high quality traffic to websites and increase sales.

    Managing with the right approach

    Social media management is the day to day process of managing social media profiles namely Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin by constantly posting, creating graphics, working on the right fit content and actively engaging with the target customers in a timely manner. This management technique goes beyond just creating graphics and posting it on all social media channels.

    The right social media management is all about evaluating the target audience, tailor messages to draw their attention and win them. More to this is finding ways to grow social media presence and visibility. Social media is a must have for businesses as the potential customers are already present there and more importantly, as per facts a typical user spends about an average of 2 hours on social media every day which clearly indicates that the people are hooked on to social media platforms than ever before.

    Encompass all social media channels

    It is quite important to have an effective social media plan in place before going ahead with managing the channels as each of them operates in their own style and a one size fits all strategy would not be the ideal way to get the desired results. Here are some of the best social media platform that is super trending.

    • Facebook: One of the most powerful social media channels with one billion active users every day. It is well known for a wider audience base comprising of all age groups, genders and people from different socio-economic backgrounds. This channel works well for brand building and leads.
    • Instagram: Instagram is a great opportunity for brands as nearly 78% of users follow a brand. Instagram’s major audience base comprises of younger age groups between 18-34 making it a perfect platform to promote fashion, lifestyle, luxury brands, clothing, lifestyle and beauty products.
    • Youtube: It is the second largest search engine with about 2 billion worldwide active users every month making it the best channel to promote video content. Youtube marketing leads to increasing awareness, followers and higher engagement rates.
    • Linkedin: Top-Notch professional social networking channel holding 11 million business executives out of which entrepreneurs and C-level executives top the list. An effective powerhouse to generate best in class B2B leads.

    Bespoke social media strategy

    Having gained years of industry experience backed by agile marketing insights, at Madro Digital we know how to craft a winning social media strategy for your business to achieve maximum ROI in a short span of time.

    First thing first our social media experts will better understand your business insights and goals based on which a laser focussed plan will be developed to make sure we meet your marketing goals. It all begins with a high octane personalized social media strategy for your brand that engages with your customers at every possible touchpoint that brings back every penny spent.

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    FAQ’s about Social Media Management

    Social media management is managing your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin etc., that includes right from constantly posting, creating graphics, working on appropriate content and responding to questions asked by your customers in a timely manner.We create a social media calendar on a monthly basis that will basically work as a guide for us and you.

    Yes, we would be glad to create and set up social media accounts for you. This would be done as soon as we onboard and start campaigns.

    Yes, we can. All you have to do is hand over your social media login to us and from there we manage your channel on a regular basis that includes creating social media posts, posting them on all channels and handling the comments.

    Ideally 2-3 posts a week should be fine. If you have the time and content ready we would recommend you to increase the frequency.

    If you are already posting content on Facebook try using Facebook business manager which allows you to schedule posts for a later time, but not all platforms allow you to do so, for instance, LinkedIn, twitter and youtube. You may have to purchase an additional tool to schedule all your posts across channels.

    By posting valuable content regularly, always being active on social media and by responding to what your customers think about your brand or business. You can also increase followers by sponsored or paid promotions to increase followers.

    That widely depends on your business and the kind of audience you want to reach. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are the most commonly used platforms for Businesses that are directly dealing with end customers and on the other hand Linkedin is used by businesses to a business model.

    Absolutely you can do that on your own. It requires a lot of time to manage your social media channels and in case if you think you do not have the time for it then it is advisable to work with a digital marketing agency. Moreover it is not just about the time but you will also have to think about having experts handling your social media as there are a lot of techniques involved in it.

    Yes, we have a team for that and they are all well trained and experienced to handle brands from any sectors.

    We would be happy to help you with this and before we proceed further our Social media specialist will understand your brand and requirements better. Based on which we will come up with our recommendations and a suitable quote. Kindly contact us today to get a quote.

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