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    About our Website Cost Calculator

    Assessing how much cost to spend on a new website plays a crucial role in devising a well thought out project plan on developing a high quality website. This calculator will help you determine the approximate cost in simple steps and we now have made it FREE for you to calculate the project cost and time estimation. Our calculator has been designed based on industry averages, thriving website development practices and recommendations from seasoned website developers.

    How Website Cost Calculator Works?

    Our calculator operates based on several different factors namely website design, number of pages, functionalities, type of CMS, responsive design, website content, type of business, website features and finally your budget. Based on the above mentioned criteria the calculator will generate a summary of the website development cost.


    About Website Cost Calculator

    A tool that provides you with the approximate cost involved to develop a website. All it matters for the calculator are your requirement, website purpose, functionalities and many more. These inputs are keyed in to compute the most likely accurate estimate.

    You don’t have to pay. The cost calculator is completely free for you to determine your ideal website quote based on this you can plan your other web related spend.

    Yes, it can. Our calculator is developed to provide all types of website cost estimates right from static, dynamic, corporate, eCommerce to totally customizable websites.

    We do not work on a predefined cost, it all depends on the functionalities of the project. Try our website cost calculator to get a rough amount but if you need to get a precise cost estimate kindly contact us.

    Generally, the estimated quote would be sent to you at the earliest. But in some cases, there could be a delay because of the complexity involved in the project.

    Our calculator evaluates your website cost based on the layout of the website, project complexity, man hours needed, total number of pages, functionalities, type of CMS, mobile-friendly, website content, type of business and website features.

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