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Our Youtube ad specialist can help your brand boost its online presence as high as 250% using the world’s largest video platform. Through our Full-suite of Youtube marketing services, we make brands reach new heights and enjoy the many perks of Youtube campaigns like brand awareness, more conversions and generate high-quality leads.

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    Youtube is a video-based open social media platform where users are allowed to share and view video content, these videos can be anything related to travel, food, general information, global news, sports, health and education. As per facts, It is the second-largest search engine after Google and it has close to about 2 billion worldwide active users every month. Having such a huge base,

    Youtube accounts for 11% of overall worldwide video traffic. The facts about Youtube is really promising and marketers do consider the platform as a huge opportunity. With its wider audience base and almost every internet user having a Youtube, account makes it one of the most effective video marketing platform.

    In fact, 8 out of 10 businesses prefer Youtube as the best medium to promote their business with video content. Brands have the opportunity to promote their business by creating interacting videos that attract new followers and more views.

    Reach to the mass with video marketing

    For businesses to start marketing it all begins with a mandate Youtube channel, strategically a channel is more like a Home page of your website or a Facebook home page. Youtube channel is a dedicated space or a separate account given for brands and businesses to showcase information about them and also share a set of a relevant content on an ongoing basis.

    Brands or businesses need a thorough understanding of how the channel works, how to attract new followers, the type of content needed for the channel and know ways to optimize it. Based on statistics, 62% of businesses use Youtube channels to promote their videos. Youtube channels allow brands to customize their channel the way they want to look, it creates a strong brand identity but at the same time, it acts as a medium to reach their target audience and keep them engaged constantly.

    Businesses definitely need an account to circulate their videos but an end-user does not need one to view it. A good Youtube channel is a vital tool for organic marketing that lead to driving more traffic, higher engagement rate, get more followers, more views across the channel.

    Youtube marketing is a paid tool that promotes a product or service to the selected target audience who are well within Youtube userbase. This marketing tool allows you to target your potential customers through audience and content targeting methods. Audience method allows you to target people based on their age, location, gender, household income, parental status and interest, in addition, this method also gives you an extended way to retarget the website, app and Youtube channel, visitors.

    Content-based targeting will help you select the right placements where you want your ads to be shown. The placements could be Youtube channels, videos, websites and apps on the Google display network. This method also allows you to broadly target based on keywords and topics.

    Grow your brand presence with Youtube marketing campaigns

    Over 78% of marketers prefer Youtube over any other social media for video marketing and with the capacity to generate billions of views every day, with no doubt Youtube is the biggest social media platform after Facebook. For businesses and brands, it is a huge opportunity to reach new heights and enjoy many benefits like brand awareness, sales and generate high quality leads.

    Partner up with Madro Digital, having years of industry experience and a better understanding of social media our ad specialist will provide expert solutions to handle your Youtube marketing campaigns. We create personalized Youtube marketing campaigns to help your business achieve outstanding growth.

    Increase Your Digital Presence as High as 250%

    Powered by Powerful Video Marketing Campaign

    FAQ’s about Youtube Marketing

    Youtube is an open channel like every other social media where users can share and view the video. Youtube marketing is a paid tool that promotes a product or service to the selected target audience who are well within Youtube.

    Ads are shown only within Youtube on homepage, search results pages and also on related videos. Youtube ads work both on mobile as well as desktop.

    Youtube ads can be run through Google ads provided a Youtube channel has to be created and the same to be linked with Google Adwords account.

    It is a dedicated space or a separate account given for brands and businesses to showcase information about them and also share a set of a relevant content on an ongoing basis.

    No you don’t have to. It is absolutely free but you need to pay for promoting videos from your channel.

    Banners ads, Gif ads, Skippable videos ads, Non – skippable video ads and responsive text ads with images.

    Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and it really has a larger audience base close to 1.9 billion active users every month. So there is no need for doubt about the effectiveness and reach. The success depends on how planned is the ad campaign and the objective to be met.

    The cost should be decided based on the budgets you have and milestones that are to be achieved. For example, if you want to get a million views you have to spend accordingly whereas for a few thousand views you probably spent less.

    We price based on your requirements, but before we go to the pricing part we will do a complete analysis to understand things better. Our charges vary and it totally depends on the campaigns we need to set. Our charges are :

    . Percentage of spend
    . Fixed Fee per month
    . Fixed Fee plus a percentage of spend
    . Based on a number of campaigns and channels to manage

    Sure we can. We have a team of Youtube marketers and they are well trained in identifying your potential target customers who are on Youtube based on budget and their interest. Kindly contact us for a Free consultation and along with we will provide you with a Quote.

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