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Our best in class digital marketing services develop Top-Notch performance marketing machines to transform your travel and Hospitality brands to new heights in the digital landscape. We have experts with deep knowledge and experience in the tourism and travel industry. Rest assured our experts will help you achieve maximum bookings, create valuable stay experience, sharing reviews easier and make travellers come back again.

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    Travel & Hospitality on a Digital Stage

    Travel, tourism and hospitality industry has been one of the most affected industries by the rapidly changing technology. It has undergone a tremendous change in its marketing strategies and has welcomed the shift towards the digital world with open hands. With the internet being easily accessible by anyone from their mobile phones, tablets or computer.

    People have been able to book their accommodations and travel from on the go and accessing any kind of information related to travel, food and accommodation has become easier than ever before. The internet has provided a very convenient and effective platform for trying out new and innovative strategies for little to no cost. Travel and tourism brands have to look into leveraging online mediums and perfecting innovative digital marketing strategies that would impress travellers with some new and exciting experiences.

    Great experience leads to loyalty

    People who travel have also actively taken to sharing their experiences in social media. Almost every detail of the accommodations, food or travel is readily available online due to this. This gives greater credibility to the business in the tourism industry. Customers these days are proactive on the internet than they were before.

    Today a customer has the necessary means to book a trip, hotel, tickets, airfare, rent a car and even do more involved things like getting a visa on their own, without any input on the part of a travel agency. If a customer is not fully satisfied with any of the aspects they will not just simply suffer. Most of them will contact the hotels or agencies about any grievances, if they do not get a proper solution then they will express it through negative comments on the social media platforms or your own website. This will have adverse effects on your business as the travellers trust their comments more than you.

    Reach out to thousands of travellers

    Choosing the right medium to target your audience is very vital to draw the maximum attention of a passionate traveller. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google search and Youtube will attract more visitors to your websites as these are proven mediums to promote tourism-related content in the form of videos, photos, reviews etc.

    The new-age social media platforms create the opportunity for user interactions and feedbacks which adds more credibility to the business. Travellers share positive or negative reviews based on their travel experiences and fellow travellers are more inclined to rely on these reviews rather than the business ads.

    More than 97% of customers select a hotel or restaurant based on these reviews. In short, it is meant that digital marketing for the tourism and travel industry should focus on building relationships and reputation rather than just transaction-oriented.No other industry has as much advantage as the tourism and hospitality industry in discerning a customer experience and make changes according to the trends.

    A cohesive digital marketing strategy can help build brand awareness by having a strong presence across all digital platforms. Our strategy will help you identify and analyze traveller behaviour, spending patterns, expectations and current trends in travel & tourism. Based on this we develop a high-performance digital marketing plan to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your digital growth.

    Increase your Direct Bookings by 200%

    Attract a Higher ROI

    FAQ’s about Travel and Hospitality Digital Marketing

    As the usage of mobile, laptop and tablets have been increased users have easy access to information about travel. Due to the increase in the number of mobile users, marketing online would be an opportunity for the travel and tourism industry. More customers can be reached using this medium and access to information on travel, bookings, food and accommodation can be made easy.

    Digital marketing has made the tourism and travel industry expand into leap and bounces. This is because the experience gained through travel can be shared on social media platforms or on the web making it an honest recommendation for other travellers and it generates a public interest towards travel. Tourism industry has adapted to digital marketing as it is cost-effective and helps target a large audience.

    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google search and Youtube are the best mediums to promote tourism. The reason behind this is there is tourism-related content already shared and it would be easy to target the people who are keen on viewing the content.

    Definitely, Youtube would be a good choice because it already has a lot of travel videos and users are already looking for related content. Your target audience is ready with a common interest in touring & travel and this could be the ideal fit for travel companies.

    Yes, mobile search amounts about two-third of overall search and like every other industry mobile traffic brings more potential travellers and more confirmed bookings.

    Yes, they do, almost 90% of leisure travellers read reviews before they make the booking. On average a traveller reads at least 5-6 reviews before making a final decision.

    Travel brands are investing a decent amount of time and money on generating real-time travel videos as they provide more information about the experience and it gets a huge reach on Youtube due to the increase in video consumption.

    It is mainly to stay ahead of the competition, provide a variety of options, reach out to potential travellers, a common platform for competitive prices, quickly respond to customers, generate trustable reviews, bridge the supply and demand in the travel industry.

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